Graphtec GL980 data logger

Graphtec GL980 data logger

Posted by Michael Hampson on 4th Dec 2017

Building on the great success of their GL900 data logger of circa 2008, Graphtec have now released the GL980.

The midi LOGGER GL980 now achieves 1MS/s of high-speed sampling. The high speed internal flash memory can store up to 4 million data points per channel.

Graphtec GL980

This model has 8 isolated input channels for voltage and temperature. It is suitable for simultaneous measurement of high-speed voltage signals and temperature for R&D or repeated measurement in durability testing etc. 

The triggering options have been well thought out by Graphtec and this feature alone make the GL980 a worthy contender for fault finding. Using the pre-trigger and post-trigger is very easy and makes recording intermittent voltages or signals breeze.

Graphtec updated their GL980_2000-APS software for the GL980 and it feels light and responsive to use. The software is still freely included with the unit and updates are available from the Graphtec downloads page. 

The ability to transfer data via a USB, Ethernet or SD card is a bonus after recording your data on site.

Highlighted Features

  • Voltage/Temp measurement with 8ch isolated multi-function input.
  • High speed 1MS/s simultaneous sampling.
  • Large capacity built-in 4 million samples/ch RAM and built-in 4GB Flash.
  • Large 7 inch TFT display.
  • True-RMS value measurement.

Over the years we have used the GL900-8 unit here at Lontek for various projects. It has been a great asset and has proven it's worth among a shelf full of great instruments. So with the added features of the new GL980, we look forward to putting the GL980 though it's paces.