Rental Data Loggers

The rental units listed here are some of our most popular models we sell. So for obvious reasons we offer them up for hire.

The Dent ElitePro XC energy logger is an outstanding data logger for electrical energy recording jobs. Plus this would have to be the best portable energy logger on the market for easy of use.

The DataTaker DT80 is so just versatile, it truly is the Swiss army knife of data loggers.

The Graphtec GL900-8 picks up where the DataTaker DT80 leaves off. It's a data logger built for pure speed! But will happily record temperature every hour too.

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  • Rental energy logger kit-RoCoil. Rental energy logger kit-200A.

    Energy Logger - 3 Phase

    Rental: Energy Logger - 3 Phase Lontek has a small fleet of energy data loggers that we rent as complete kits to Electricians and Electrical Engineers. See this article about site considerations for energy loggers. Each rental kit includes the Energy...

  • Rental data logger-DT80 Rental data logger-DT80-case.

    Rental Data Logger DT80

    Rental: Data Logger DT80 The DataTaker DT80 is an all round data logger capable of many applications. Typically 10 channels for two wire sensors and a maximum sampling rate of 1-2 samples per second. Refer to the DT80-3 product page for full details...

  • Rental data logger-GL900. Rental data logger-GL900-case

    Rental Data Logger GL900

    Rental: Data Logger GL900 If you need to hire a data logger for a week or two, then the Graphtec GL900-8 is a great data logger for this application. It's easy to set up and you will have data in a spreadsheet in minutes. The GL900-8 also has high speed...