About Us

Lontek is an Australian supplier and Manufacturer of general purpose data loggers and electrical energy loggers, we represent various companies from around the world and some local Australian suppliers too.

Lontek also builds custom data loggers to suit very specific requirements. Where possible, we use off the shelf OEM electronics in conjunction with our own custom designed electronics. This custom hardware combined with tailored software specifically built for task ensures the customer receives a complete product.

With over 20 years of instrumentation experience and specialising in data loggers, we have the expertise to assist in the selection of the best suited data logger and related sensors for your needs.

With a focus on Engineering, Science, Education, Environmental Monitoring and Manufacturing Industries, we can supply data loggers for almost any application making Lontek your one stop data logger supplier.

Data Loggers and services provided by Lontek in Australia include:

  • We sell dataTaker, Graphtec, Grant, ACR Systems, Testo, Dent Instruments and associated equipment.
  • In-house practical training workshops for small groups.
  • Custom data logging software solutions to suit individual requirements.
  • Working with Labcraft, Lontek offers Installation, Programming, Commissioning and Technical support to customers in Australia.


As an Australian supplier for DataTaker data loggers, Graphtec, Grant, ACR Systems, Dent data loggers, Signatrol and Testo we have an wide range of products and solutions to offer Australian customers.

So whether it’s a data logger, a portable thermometer or a fully integrated data acquisition system, we can supply the right solution for your next project.

General Enquiries


20 Brook Road
Glenbrook, New South Wales 2773

Telephone: 02 4739 8400
E-mail: info@lontek.com.au

ABN: 74 219 393 102