SmartLogger  4G-TOU - Discontinued

SmartLogger 4G-TOU - Discontinued

Posted by Michael Hampson on 29th Aug 2018

Dent Instruments have announced the immediate retirement of their 4G-TOU SMARTlogger range of data loggers. All of the 4G-TOU models will no longer be manufactured as of August 2018. No replacement models have been announced.

The popular 4G-TOU-M model is now out of stock and there is limited stock of the 4G-TOU-L, 4G-TOU-CT, and 4G-TOU-C models. (As at 29-08-2018).

Dent Instruments have advised that they will continue to publish the SMARTware software and documentation on their website. 

All warranty and technical support for the 4G-TOU data loggers will continue as per normal via Lontek for our customers in Australia.

Time of Use data loggers are great for recording on and off times for lighting applications, motor run times, switches, relays etc. For energy recording, TOU loggers are generally only used where the loads are constant.

The major advantage of the TOU data logger is that it is Event based recording opposed to Time based recording as with the most data loggers on the market. Being event based, you only record the change of state and this is a great way to limit the memory required by the data logger and it saves time looking through reams of data