Reduce installation time with ViewPoint HD

Reduce installation time with ViewPoint HD

Posted by Lontek on 9th Feb 2018

Waveform Capture

Dent Instruments new Waveform Capture tool in their ViewPoint HD software can save on installation time and help reduce errors.

Efficient, Accurate Meter Installation

ViewPoint HD Software which is freely included with the PowerScout HD Meter, features a Waveform Capture tool that allows the user to "see" a sample of the electrical waveforms collected by the power meter. These waveforms show the basis for all reported measurements. 

Waveform Capture acts as a 54-channel oscilloscope and displays a 50 mSec sample of the data streaming continuously into the meter. This data stream is then graphed over three complete power cycles at 60 Hz or 2.5 cycles at 50 Hz. Waveform Capture records sample waveforms for all 54 channels (6 L-N voltages and 48 currents) at the same instant and allows the user to display them for any element as an overlay of voltage and current.

Waveform Capture helps you quickly identify:

  • Phasing or backward CT errors
  • Harmonic Distortion or non-linear loads by element
  • Signal clipping caused by improper CT range
  • Load phase angles
  • The presence of electrical noise in the measurement

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and, more importantly, may reduce installation time and errors by giving an additional degree of confidence in the integrity of an installation.

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