Dent Instruments PowerScout 12HD and 48HD

Dent Instruments PowerScout 12HD and 48HD

Posted by Lontek on 29th Aug 2017

Dent Instruments have announced the all new PowerScout™ HD Series Multi-Circuit Power Meters.

Following on from their great success with the PowerScout 3037, Dent Instruments have released two new models designed to monitor multiple independent loads in a single power meter.

The PowerScout HD Series makes it easy to add multiple revenue-grade metering circuits without having to purchase additional independent hardware, this alone saves installation & commissioning costs.

With revenue-grade accuracy, the PowerScout HD is suitable for a wide variety of applications such as large building environments including data centres, hospitals, office buildings, university campuses, retail and commercial centres, and industrial complexes.

Now in two great sizes. The PowerScout 12 HD has 12 single phase current input channels, or this can be configured as 4 independent three phase current input channels and like the PS12 HD, the PowerScout 48 HD has 48 single phase current input channels, or this can be configured as 16 independent three phase current input channels.


So you need to monitor voltage in two different switchboard panels in the same electrical room? Now there's no need to purchase two separate power meters: The PowerScout 48 HD features a unique, two independent voltage input design, which allows it to be used on two different voltage services simultaneously, each up to 600V.

Key Highlights

  • Flexibility to switch between Modbus® or BACnet®, Ethernet or Serial (RS-485).
  • The ability to use any millivolt CT, including Rogowski coils, on any channel.
  • Two separate ways to configure the PowerScout:
    • ViewPoint HD (Windows-based) software.
    • The PowerScout HD Web App is built right into the meter for easy set up via a web browser.
  • ViewPoint HD provides a visual meter configuration with CT picker, waveform capture (54 channel oscilloscope), harmonics, and phasor plot which can indicate phase rotation.
  • The optional LCD also provides real-time value and meter configuration information.
  • Both power meters can be configure in the office or workshop for fast field deployment.
  • Meets strict ANSI 12.20-2010 Class 0.2 accuracy requirements.

The PowerScout 48 HD supports both Modbus and BACnet communication protocols. Communication interface can be accomplished through standard serial RS-485 or Ethernet using either Modbus, BACnet MS/TP, Modbus TCP, or BACnet IP data formats. Positive and negative Modbus registers/BACnet objects make the PowerScout 48 HD ideal in bi-directional (renewable) metering environments. In addition, the PowerScout 48 HD features two pulse outputs which are designed to send energy consumption data to a data aggregator. A USB port is standard for easy meter configuration.


Available Models

PowerScout 12HD

Part Number Description
PS12HD-C-D-N PowerScout 12 HD, With Enclosure + Display
PS12HD-C-N-N PowerScout 12 HD, With Enclosure, No Display
PS12HD-B-D-N PowerScout 12 HD, Circuit Board Only + Display
PS12HD-B-N-N PowerScout 12 HD, Circuit Board Only, No Display

PowerScout 48HD

Part Number Description
PS48HD-C-D-N PowerScout 48 HD, With Enclosure + Display
PS48HD-C-N-N PowerScout 48 HD, With Enclosure, No Display
PS48HD-P-D-N PowerScout 48 HD, Mounting Plate + Display
PS48HD-P-N-N PowerScout 48 HD, Mounting Plate, No Display