Data logging made easy!

Data logging made easy!

Posted by Lontek on 20th Mar 2015

DataTaker data loggers can e-mail you the data.

The DataTaker range of data loggers supplied by Lontek in Australia makes modern data logging a real breeze. Let's take a look how these great units can simplify your daily data logging task.

  1. Simple to use DataTaker dEX software included FREE with every logger. Or just get LabCraft to set up the unit for you.
  2. More sensor input options than other units on the market, plus you can mix sensors types too. And NO additional amplifiers needed for Strain gauges or Load Cells.
  3. Built-in Ethernet and USB ports, plus optional 3G remote comms if you need it. Or add WiFi if you like.
  4. No more time wasting with post processing data in Excel. The DataTaker can calculate data on the fly and store the data in a real virtual channel with a separate label.
  5. Easy to retrieve data. Direct transfer to memory stick, PC or the DataTaker will just e-mail(or FTP) the data to you.
  6. Data Analysis. Basic reporting can be done directly in Excel, or DPlot charting software is included FREE with every logger.

Forget about the over complicated and expensive hardware only options with software that needs a full time Programmer to set up. Or those real cheap data loggers that look good on paper and can be a real nightmare to get quality data from. Go with a solution that has a 25+ year proven track record as a stand alone data logger, that doesn't cost an arm and a leg for yearly software updates and is made in Australia.

DataTaker - simplifying your data logging life!