Pressure Data Loggers

Generally we use off the shelf pressure transducers or pressure transmitters and connect them to a standard data logger, often we will also be connecting other types of analogue sensors too. There are dedicated all in one Pressure data loggers on the market. These can be convenient if you just need to measure a single channel.

The type of gas or fluid media will usually need to be compatible with Stainless Steel 316L. So your common Air, Water, Hydraulic Oil media will be okay.

The pressure range required will dictated the type of sensor used and ultimately the price too. 400 mbar to 700 bar appears to be the middle range on the pricing scale.

The output signal from the pressure sensor is most commonly 4-20mA or 0-10 volts DC. Other outputs such as 0-1 & 0-5 volts DC and four wire ratio metric are others.

Thread types can vary from supplier to supplier. I'm not sure if any two suppliers carry stock with the same thread on their sensors. Having said that, it seems the personnel connecting the pressure sensors have a range of suitable couplings at their disposal as we have never had anyone ask for another thread type. Some process connections were have seen are: G 1/2 B thread, G1/4 female thread and 1/4 male or female NPT thread.

When looking for a pressure sensor for a data logger, always consider the frequency response of the sensor. Some sensors are slow to update their output signal. The HVAC industry sensors can have 250 mS response time and that's not real good if you are looking for a fast transient.

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