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Remotely monitor your Graphtec GL840

Remotely monitor your Graphtec GL840

Posted by Lontek on 12th Apr 2016

A data logger that can be remotely monitored is a great time saver!

Communicating with the Graphtec GL840 data logger is typically done with the Graphtec GL Software via a standard USB cable or over the Local Area Network (LAN) to a Windows computer. This communication allows the user to operate the Graphtec GL Software to configure and monitor the GL840.

So how do we remotely monitor the GL840?

USB was designed for desktop computer applications, so cables are mostly between two and five metres long.

The simplest way can be to use any existing hardware infrastructure and connect the GL840 to a Local Area Network (LAN) with Internet access. Although the Network Administrator is generally consulted to assist with any Port Forwarding and routing through the network's security firewall. This image below graphically shows how a remote connection can be set up.


If the GL840 is installed at a remote location that does not have an existing LAN with internet access, then a 3G or 4G wireless Modem/Router combination can be easily set up to achieve the same results.

When remotely accessing the GL840 on a 3G or 4G network, a hosted WAN or Dynamic DNS services should also be considered unless the GL840 data logger has been set up to push the data to a server via FTP or Email.

Communicating via 3G and 4G can be a lot trickier depending on what you exactly require. There are various issues from Firewalls, Dynamic and Public IP addresses and Dynamic DNS registration services. Plus setting up a VPN to ensure your data is secure just adds another layer to the complexity.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is often used to ensure data security. Just note that this can slow down the data transfer rate and can complicate how the Graphtec GL Software operates.