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Electrocorder EC-7VAR

Electrocorder, now with Power Factor recording!!!

The all new EC-7VAR from Electrocorder is used by Electrical Contractors, Electrical Engineers and Power Distribution companies to monitor power (kW) and energy Electrocorder EC-7VAR Energy Data Logger(kWh) usage.

The EC-7VAR is used in various application including Voltage Optimisation, Energy Consumption, Peak Load Recording, Load Balance Recording and Energy Auditing.

One main feature of the Electrocorder is it’s fast and continuous sampling rate, this is unlike other units on the market that take spot readings. The EC7VAR samples 800 times per second and then records the data at a user selectable rate between 2 seconds and 60 minutes. A typical recording time of 10 minutes allows the EC-7VAR to record data for some 50 days.

The bundled Electrosoft software is a Windows based application that is truly stunning and has a great range of charting and reporting features, yet still easy to produce stylish reports for your customers is seconds. Electrocorder units are supplied with Electrosoft software and updates are freely available from the Electrocorder website.Electrocorder ElectroSoft Chart

All EC-7VAR units are fitted with Rogowski Coils that are flexible and can easy fit around cables of up to 140mm diameter. Rogowski Coils unclip at the black joint, allowing them to be placed around the cables without having to break the main circuit.

Power Factor (known as PF or Cos f) is recorded for the voltage channel L1 and the current channel A1, this is then used to calculate the real (Watts), reactive (VARs) and apparent (VA) power for all 3 phases within our Electorosoft software. PF measurement also allows users to determine if Power Factor Correction is needed for the site.

EC-7VAR-FK, ~4Amps to 400Amps
EC-7VAR-1K, ~10Amps to 1kAmps
EC-7VAR-2K, ~15Amps to 2kAmps
EC-7VAR-3K, ~20Amps to 3kAmps

EC-7VAR-50-KIT includes logger (1), voltage leads (4), Rogowski Coils (3), USB lead (1), software (1) and carry case (1).

See the EC-7VAR data sheet for more information.

Dent SMARTlogger TOU 4G

SMARTlogger Key Features:

  • Now with a storage capacity of over 32,000 records and ring memory–record for months or years.
  • Measures Total On-Time and On/Off transitions of almost any device. Use with lights, motors, gas valves and more!
  • Instantly see what your logger has recorded. All SMARTloggers come with a 5-digit LCD showing the On-Time and Percent-On.
  • SMARTware Windows-based software package for easy data retrieval and analysis, including kWh calculations, total on-time rate schedule graphs and summaries, load profile graphs, summary statistics and time series analysis.
  • Easy importing/exporting of CSV data files for use with Microsoft Excel and other popular programs.
  • Adjustability…LIGHTINGlogger is adjustable to various levels while the MAGlogger is adjustable to above 40 mGauss, and the CTlogger to above .25 amp. (CONTACTlogger utilizes dry contacts.)
  • Non-intrusive attachment using powerful rare earth magnets, Velcro strips or mounting hole. Easily secured out of sight.
  • Compact and tough; made of heavy plastic, only 6.3 x 3.8 x 1.9 cm and weighing only 40 gm
  • User-replaceable battery with industry-leading 5+ year life span.
  • Know your investment is protected: ALL SMARTloggers have a three-year warranty.


New 20-channel data logger launched

Graphtec GL820 data logger

Graphtec GL820 data logger

Leading regional data logger supplier, Lontek, has unveiled the all-new midi LOGGER GL820, which features an immense 20 analogue input channels as standard. What’s more, this configuration can be expanded up to a staggering 200 channels.

Perfect for evaluation and site testing, the general purpose GL820 data logger from Graphtec, allows users to simultaneously capture a broad range of real-time data quickly and easily. The 20 multi-function input channels are individually isolated to eliminate the possibility of signal corruption and they can capture data from process signals, voltage, temperature and humidity sensors with additional inputs for pulse and logic.

Should a greater number of channels be required on the device itself, users can simply add on 20 channel extension terminal kits to expand the number of channels up to 200. If more channels are needed, users can activate up to 500 channels by specifying PC measurement.

A true performer, the GL820 has the power to record fast changes in signals. It provides faster sampling rates for voltage measurements and can achieve an amazing 10ms sampling interval when the number of channels in use is limited.

The GL820 also features a new scaling function in the temperature measurement that can be adjusted by the operator to measure relative temperature.

Created with flexibility in mind, the midi LOGGER GL820’s huge 2GB flash memory enables secure long-term data measurement without the need for an external storage device. The GL820 can also save measured data directly to a USB memory stick and it can be replaced during measurement without fear of data loss.

For added convenience, the GL820 can be controlled remotely by a PC via a USB cable or a Web browser via Ethernet. This allows users to monitor and transfer data directly to a PC in real-time. The captured data can be easily converted for use in EXCEL thanks to the GL820’s standard software which is Windows 7 compatible.

The 14.5cm wide TFT colour LCD display ensures the GL820 is easy to read. Data is available in a smooth waveform or digital text form.

Compact and portable, the GL820 weighs in at just 900g. It is one of the lightest data loggers in its category on the market today. Designed with the user in mind, it is ergonomic and simple to navigate. Single touch buttons eliminate the need for complicated menu trees.

The GL820 comes complete with two re-chargeable batteries that provide up to 7 hours of power, an AC power adapter, USB cable, Windows graphical software and a plastic carry case with foam insert.

For more information on the Graphtec midi LOGGER GL820 call Lontek, the experts in data logging solutions on (02) 4739 8400 or email

Smart 10-channel data logger from Graphtec

GL220 data logger

GL220 data logger

Now available from one of the region’s leading data logger suppliers, Lontek, the all-new Graphtec midi LOGGER GL220 sets a new benchmark in general purpose data loggers.

The midi LOGGER GL220 has all the features of a data logger together with the quality and high-performance that has made Graphtec the most trusted name in the market.

Whether you are a research scientist, engineer or involved in the pharmaceutical industry, the midi LOGGER GL220 is the perfect tool for professionals wishing to capture real-time data quickly and easily.

Feature-rich, it boasts 10 isolated channels each with multifunction input. The isolated input system ensures that signals are not interfered with by sensors connected to other channels. Plus, it has enormous capability and can capture voltage, temperature, humidity and pulse as well as logic signals.

The GL220 also has the power to record fast changes. It provides faster sampling rates for voltage measurements and can achieve an amazing 10ms sampling interval when the number of channels in use is limited.

For added convenience, the GL220 also features an optional ring memory function that allows users to continuously save the most recent data.

Designed with flexibility in mind, the midi LOGGER GL220′s huge 2GB flash memory enables secure long-term data measurement without the need for an external storage device. What’s more, if external storage is required, the GL220 can save measured data directly to a USB memory stick. The USB can be replaced during measurement without fear of data loss.

Plus, thanks to the GL220′s standard software, captured data is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 and can be easily converted for use in EXCEL.

The GL220′s crystal-clear and enhanced 10.9cm (4.3”) wide TFT colour LCD monitor, lets users easily read data in waveform or digital form and set measurement parameter settings.

Weighing just 520g, the midi LOGGER GL220 is light. Highly compact, the handheld data logger is a mere 194x117x42mm for true portability. Ergonomic and user-friendly, the GL220 is also extremely easy to navigate and use. It even features a built-in slant stand to aid operation while viewing on a desktop.

For the operator’s convenience, the GL220 uses a re-chargeable 6-hour battery and standard accessories include an AC power adapter, USB cable, Windows graphical software and a plastic carry case with foam insert.

The performance of the midi LOGGER GL220 is outstanding and its broad functionality helps set a new benchmark in data logging capability.

For more information on the Graphtec midi LOGGER GL220 call Lontek, the experts in data logging solutions on (02) 4739 8400 or email

DataTaker DT82E data logger

DataTaker DT82E

New DataTaker DT82E data logger

DataTaker have released the  DT82E to take aim at the mid range remote applications or applications that only require 2-6 of sensors but still need the features of an intelligent data logger.  The DT82E  is based on the popular DT80 platform which has now matured since its release in Oct, 2005.  The DT82E is a low power data logger featuring USB memory stick for data transfer, 18-bit resolution, built-in Ethernet and RS232 ports and a LCD display.

With two full DataTaker channels, the DT82E can support up to 6 common connected sensors or 4 fully isolated sensors. Inputs include analog and digital channels as well as high-speed counters. Temperature, voltage, current, 4-20mA loops, resistance, bridges, strain gauges, frequency, digital, serial and calculated measurements can all be scaled, logged and returned in engineering units or within statistical reporting.

Up to 10 million data points (expandable) can be stored in the standard internal memory and with advanced networking capability (FTP and Web interface), one SDI-12 sensor channel (supporting up to 10 sensors) and switchable 12V regulated output to power sensors, the DT82E is ready to be deployed.

Graphtec GL200A data logger

Graphtec GL200A Data Logger

Graphtec GL200A Data Logger

Graphtec have recently released the GL200A to it’s range of data loggers to supersede the GL200. The added advantages over the GL200 are; Up to 10 milli second sampling speed, hot swappable USB memory device without loss of data and update software to allow networking multiple units and direct to MS Excel recording.

Here’s a list of the key features for the GL200A or click here for full details.

  • Type: General purpose data logger.
  • Channels: 10 (Not expandable).
  • Inputs: Voltage, Current*, Temperature, Humidity and Logic I/O.
  • Speed: 10ms to 1hr.
  • Resolution: 16bit.
  • Data Storage: Internally 4 million readings or External USB device.
  • PC Connection: USB.
  • Data transfer: USB memory device or direct to PC.
  • Power: Internal Battery or External 12~24 volts DC.
  • Software: Software included.

Graphtec release new GL900 data logger

Graphtec Corporation, a leading manufacturer of precision recording and measuring instruments, has added

Graphtec GL900 data logger

Graphtec GL900 data logger

the midi LOGGER GL900 —A5-size 8-channel data logger—to its family of data acquisition products. The midi LOGGER GL series are popular as the handy type logger, now; the GL900 is designed as vertical operation for customer’s usage. Also the size is drastically reduced as an isolated high speed measurement equipment.

The midi LOGGER GL900 has an isolated 8 channel multi-function input for multi channel measurement needs. The maximum input voltage is 500 V DC, and it can be used for measuring temperature (thermocouple) and humidity in the atmosphere. Separate from the analogue channels are a further four channels that use logic or pulse input. A BNC input connector for voltage measurement and an M3 screw in input terminal to the thermocouple are provided with the unit.

High Speed Data Collection

With 8 high-speed channels sampling data at a speed of 100 kHz using a 16 bit S/D converter, all channels are measured simultaneously. Using such high speed sampling, instantaneous tests such as the vibration, drop down and mechanical shock tests are easily measured. Downloaded data can be stored straight to a USB memory stick if using 1 kHz sampling. The new midi LOGGERS are also suitable for the environmental, tensile/compression and durability tests.

The best thing about the midi LOGGERS is its high speed that captures a lot of data that is stored easily within the memory. It has a large 5.7 inch color TFT LCD display screen for better functionality and to display and measure waveforms. The waveform function is easily expandable or reduced using the oscilloscope like operation. The unit has an easy to use curser operation that is popular in all the midi LOGGER GL models.

Graphtec GL900 Simultaneous data logging

Graphtec GL900 Simultaneous data logging

While the GL900 can be used for time-axis waveform display it can also be used as a multi-channel X-Y recorder. In this format a moving dot is seen on the screen even before the measurement begins.

Storage Capacity

The GL900 has an inbuilt 256MB flash memory and Ram that can store up to 1 million points of data. It also provides external storage the capacity to connect a USB stick.

The internal RAM stores the instantaneous data from the measurement of things like the drop down or mechanical shock test. For long-term storage the 256 MB flash memory or a USB stick is used.

The midi LOGGERS have USB and Ethernet interfaces provided as standard in the GL900 model. All measured data can be transferred to your computer during real-time using the software that comes with your midi LOGGER. Data stored on a USB stick can also be transferred to your computer when you are off line. What makes the midi LOGGER even more convenient is its network function that transfers data remotely through a Web browser without using any specialist software at all.

Versatile Geotechnical data Loggers from dataTaker

New GeoLoggers based on the dataTaker DT80 and DT85 range are ruggedly built for use in the toughest

DataTaker DT80G GeoLogger

DataTaker DT80G GeoLogger

places. This makes them a versatile and simple solution for any geotechnical project. DataTaker’s DT80G and DT85G are cost-effective, simple to configure, reliable and are low powered. They are versatile enough for simple configuration, data capture and analysis, and communications.

With all the features of dataTaker’s DT80 and DT85 models, dataTaker’s new GeoLoggers are better than ever with advanced communications and storage capabilities. Some of the features include:

  • FTP for transferring data
  • USB memory stick to transfer data
  • Store up to 5 million data points in a user defined storage area
  • Scheduled data archiving

Superior Communication Functions

The new GeoLoggers have inbuilt Web and FTP servers to connect directly to the internet so there is no need for polling data or any specific software. They can work as a stand-alone unit or as part of a network and are expandable up to 300 channels. Its communication capabilities are superior with RS232 modem support, USB and Ethernet as standard.

Flexibility for Multiple Sensor Applications

DataTaker’s GeoLoggers can monitor a range of situations from dam walls, tunnel and mining excavations, ground water, tunnel walls to soil subsidence, site assessment and slope stability.

The dataTaker DT80G and DT85G models are compatible with the major brands of sensors such as Geokon, Soil Instruments, RST Instruments, Slope Indicator and AGI – Applied Geomechanics. dataTaker’s new GeoLoggers are compatible with a range of Geotechnical sensors which include:

  • Tilt meters
  • Strain gauges
  • Pressure cells
  • Inclinometers
  • Extensometers
  • Piezometers
  • Crack meters
  • and support:
    • Carlson devices
    • Electrolevel devices
    • LVDT devices

Whatever the use you have for a GeoLogger on your project, dataTaker’s range has the flexibility to go anywhere and run on battery or solar power.