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Dent SMARTlogger TOU 4G

SMARTlogger Key Features:

  • Now with a storage capacity of over 32,000 records and ring memory–record for months or years.
  • Measures Total On-Time and On/Off transitions of almost any device. Use with lights, motors, gas valves and more!
  • Instantly see what your logger has recorded. All SMARTloggers come with a 5-digit LCD showing the On-Time and Percent-On.
  • SMARTware Windows-based software package for easy data retrieval and analysis, including kWh calculations, total on-time rate schedule graphs and summaries, load profile graphs, summary statistics and time series analysis.
  • Easy importing/exporting of CSV data files for use with Microsoft Excel and other popular programs.
  • Adjustability…LIGHTINGlogger is adjustable to various levels while the MAGlogger is adjustable to above 40 mGauss, and the CTlogger to above .25 amp. (CONTACTlogger utilizes dry contacts.)
  • Non-intrusive attachment using powerful rare earth magnets, Velcro strips or mounting hole. Easily secured out of sight.
  • Compact and tough; made of heavy plastic, only 6.3 x 3.8 x 1.9 cm and weighing only 40 gm
  • User-replaceable battery with industry-leading 5+ year life span.
  • Know your investment is protected: ALL SMARTloggers have a three-year warranty.