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DataTaker DT80 Series 4 data logger

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Thermo Fisher Scientific Australia introduces the new dataTaker DT80 Series 4 data logger

dataTaker is one of the world’s leading brands of general purpose and intelligent data loggers, With over 30 years of expertise in designing and manufacturing of rugged stand-alone loggers. Based on the highly successful dataTaker DT80 line of data loggers, the new series 4 is a natural evolution based on the current market trends and feedback from our channel partners and end-users.


The DT80’s universal analog input channels can automatically select measurement range based on the signal level. These channels are isolated and over voltage protected providing secure monitoring in noisy environments. Supported measurement and sensor types include temperature, DC voltage, current, 4-20mA loops, resistance, bridges, strain gauges, vibrating wire and frequency – all returned in engineering units of your choice. We have increased sampling speed, measurement range, and programmable analog output.

The DT80 series 4 loggers have up to 12 digital channels. 8 channels can be configured as state and counter inputs to 10Hz or state output. 4 channels are dedicated counter channels which can count to 100kHz or be used as 2 phase encoder inputs. Two of the dedicated counter channels have adjustable threshold for the monitoring of low level signals such as magnetic pick-ups. The digital channels can be used to trigger sampling for event logging applications. A separate latching relay output can be used to control or power external devices. Connecting the DT80 to GPS, scales, PLC’s and other intelligent devices is made simple with a serial sensor port or gateways with RS242/485. With support for SDI-12 sensor networks and 12V regulated output to power sensors. Organized sampling, logging, alarm and control tasks can be easily set within schedules to meet your individual requirements.

Communications features include Ethernet, RS232 with modem support and USB memory stick ports. Connect to our loggers locally, remotely or over the Internet and now via WiFi on selected models.

The DT80 series4 has a large internal memory capable of storing approximately 5,000,000 data points. The memory is non-volatile so it will not lose any data when power is removed. The DT80 has versatile storage options that allow the amount of data stored to be specified for groups of channels. Channel data can be stored in an overwrite /circular manner or in a linear mode that stops logging when the memory fills. Data archiving commands allow capture of data before and/or after user defined events. Data can either be returned in real time or stored to memory for later transfer to your PC.

The DT80 modem loggers include DETERMINED™ communications. If a download has been interrupted by a network outage, the DT80M will periodically re-try until the file gets transmitted successfully. The logger will always send the entire file so you will never have holes in your data. If the network ‘drops’ the logger for being inactive, the modems will automatically cycle the power to the modem and re-connect before its next required transmission.

In conjunction with the Series 4 launch, dataTaker is releasing an improved version of desktop dEX.

DataTaker dEX software

The new Desktop dEX Features include:

  • Windows Standalone Application
  • Offline configuration editor
  • Zoom Trend chart and bar charts
  • Print Trend chart
  • Network Logger overview

dEX is also available for Android and IOS tablets from their respective app stores. The tablet application is packed with a range of exciting features including:

  • Fully functional dEX Application on Tablet
  • Manage loggers on the network more effectively
  • Configure your logger from anywhere
  • Monitor your logger from anywhere
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Secure login

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