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Graphtec GL240

  • Graphtec GL240 data logger-side.
  • Graphtec GL240 side.
  • Graphtec GL240 data logger.
  • Graphtec GL240 WiFI.
  • Graphtec GL240 features.
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Product Description

The Graphtec GL240 data logger is great for portable data logging applications, it can be quickly set up to record data in only a few minutes.

What can the GL240 measure and record?

The GL240 can be used for a variety of data logging jobs. Customers often use the GL240 data logger to record some of the following parameters for a wide and varied list of applications.

  • In-field calibration testing - Temperature recording for general calibration and verification work.
  • Air Quality Studies - Temperature, Humidity Light(Lux), Noise, and Comfort.
  • Autoclave - General calibration and verification of temperature and pressure plus spacial profiling.
  • Motor vehicle and Trucks - Temperature and pressures for engine oil, exhaust systems, gearbox, differentials and axles.
  • Electronics component testing for temperature over heating.
  • General testing on Trams and Trains.
  • Compressed Air flow rate and pressure testing.Furnace and Ovens - Temperature monitoring and profiling.
  • Diesel engine temperatures and pressures plus engine RPM speed.
  • Consumer appliance testing - Temperature testing of thermal safety fuses and general R&D testing.
  • Air conditioning and HVAC systems - Temperature, humidity and power consumption for energy efficiencies.

Thermocouple temperature and 4-20mA process signals are two parameter that are most often used. T type and K type thermocouples are the most common temperatures probes used because they are well priced and easy to use. They can be reasonably accurate with a typical system accuracy of better than ±1°C. If better accuracy is required, the Graphtec GL840 is often considered because it supports three wire RTD (PT100) sensors.

Process 4-20mA signals are very common in industry and can easily be connected to the GL240. The GL240 has a dedicated input range for easy data scaling to suit the type of sensor being used. eg Pressure, Flow, Temperature etc.

After the big two parameters above, DC voltage would rank next. With 0 to 60 volts DC input, the applications are almost endless.

When would you use a GL240?

The GL240 is a great data logger for any project, although they have found a niche for portable diagnostic, in-field service and calibration applications. The options B-569 allows portable data logging for up to six hours. Or you can used the included mains power supply for longer recording.

Why would you use a GL240?

It's quick and easy to deploy! You can unpack the GL240, connect a thermocouple to the terminals, use the on-board keypad to set the required channels and sampling rate, then press the Start button.

The data that has been recorded can be quickly save to an SD memory card in CSV format and then be viewed directly in Microsoft Excel or any other software program that can import CSV data. Nice and simple. Plus you haven't even installed the free Graphtec GL software as yet!

Graphtec GL240 features

Graphtec GL240 multi channel data logger

  • Type: Multi channel data logger.
  • Channels: 10 plus optional sensors via Wi-Fi.
  • Inputs: Milli Volts to 100v DC, 4-20mA Current*, Thermocouple Temperature, Humidity and Pulse/Logic I/O.
  • Recording Speed: 10ms to 1hr.
  • Data resolution: 16bit.
  • Data Storage: SD Card, 4GB flash memory.
  • PC Connection: USB cable or via optional B-568 Wi-Fi module.
  • Data transfer: SD memory card, direct to PC or via optional WiFi module.
  • Power: Graphtec optional B-569 Battery Pack or External 8.5~24 volts DC.
  • Software: Free software included and available for download from Graphtec.

GL240 Specifications Download

GL240 Quick Start Guide Download

GL240 Users Manual Download

GL240 Application Software Download

Options Summary

  • Graphtec genuine B-569 battery.
  • Graphtec B-568 WiFi module.
  • Graphtec B-513 Logic Input/Output cable.
  • Graphtec B-530 Humidity probe.
  • GL240 carry case.
  • See expansion modules below.


Universal and Isolated Channel Inputs

With an isolated input system, the Graphtec GL240 ensures that cross channel interference is minimised.

The Graphtec GL240 data logger can record inputs ranging from voltage, thermocouples, 4-20mA process signal*, humidity, pulse and logic signals.
*External shunt resistor required.

Input TypeInput Specifications
Voltage 20mV - 100V , 1-5 V for process 4-20mA inputs.
Thermocouples Type: K,J,E,T,R,S,B,N,W.
Humidity 0 to 100% RH- using the humidity sensor. Optional B-530 probe.
Pulse inputs 4 channels for RPM, Accumulating count, Instant count.
Logic inputs 4 channels for stopping or starting the unit.

Fast 10ms Recording

Voltage measurements can be recorded at a fast 10mS rate for one channel. Ten Thermocouple channels can be recorded at a rate of 100mS.

Recording Rate10ms20ms50ms100ms200ms500ms1s2s


1 2 5 10 10 10 10 10

Input type


Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


N/A N/A N/A Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Integrated SD memory card support for reliable and long term data storage or data transfer

The Graphtec GL240 data logger supports one SD memory card slot for data storage or transfer. The SDHC type SD memory card is supported up to 32GB.

Data file format types

The recorded measurement data can be stored in GBD(Graphtec binary data) or CSV file format. Binary data format is always more robust and smaller in memory size than the CSV format. CSV data format has a great advantage because is can be directly used with Microsoft Excel or other software programs that support this format.

Comparison Data10ms50ms100ms200ms500ms1s10s
GBD format 41 days 88 days 103 days 207 days Over 365 Over 365 Over 365
CSV format 3 days 11 days 16 days

36 days

91 days

182 days

Over 365

*Approximate information. Maximum file size of captured data is 2GB in GBD or CSV file format.

Colour LCD display, 4.3"

With a nice 4.3-inch colour LCD display, setting up and monitoring with the GL240 data logger is pleasure!  The GL240's primary functions can be configured using the built-in keypad and LCD screen. Easy one touch buttons for common tasks such as display mode, setup and start/stop recording eliminate the need for complicated menus.

Free Computer software

The Graphtec GL240 data logger is supplied with Windows PC software on CD and updates are available from the Graphtec downloads page.

The main feature of the Graphtec software is data logger configuration and real-time data monitoring. Other useful functions such as direct writing of data to an Excel file and report creation are also available.

Software Features

  • Direct connection to a Computer via USB cable or LAN.
  • Easy GL240 configuration.
  • Data import from the GL240 to Computer.
  • Email notification of errors and alarms.
  • Measurement charting modes: Y-T, X-Y.
  • Real-time data display and live reporting to Microsoft Excel functions
  • CSV data file export.

GL240 Main Features

  • Inputs:
    • Voltage (20mv to 100V).
    • Thermocouples (K,E,J,T,N,R,S,T,B,W).
    • 4-20mA signals via external shunt resistor.
    • Optional Graphtec B-530 Humidity sensor is available.
    • Four Logic or Pulse.
    • One trigger input.
    • Options sensors via the B-568 Wi-Fi module.
  • Outputs:
    • Four open-collector alarm outputs.
  • Respectable 16-bit ADC resolution.
  • Colour LCD display, 4.3".
  • Waveform or text display modes.
  • Easy-to-use keypad system.
  • Various software trigger functions.
  • Real-time statistical calculations.
  • USB 2.0 interface for PC connection.
  • Optional Graphtec battery B-569 for portable operation.
  • Recording rate - Voltage measurement only.
    • 10 milli Seconds for 1 channel.
    • 20 milli Seconds for 2 channels.
    • 50 milli Seconds for 5 channels.
    • 100 milli Second for 6-10 channels.
  • Compact size: Approx. 188 x 117 x 42 mm.

The GL240 is supplied with the following items as standard:

  • GL240 Quick Start Guide.
  • GL240-APS Software on CD.
  • Mains Power Supply - 24 Volts DC. With local Australian mains cable.
  • USB Cable for PC connection.

Warranty Information

2 years warranty.

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