Data Loggers Australia

Data Loggers Australia

Data Loggers are electronic instruments which connect to real world devices for the purpose of collecting information - Data Acquisition Systems. Data Loggers can record data from devices that include Temperature sensors, Pressure sensors, Flow and Speed sensors, Current loop transmitters, Weather and Hydrological sensors, Laboratory analytical instruments, GPS receivers etc... Lontek supplies Data Loggers and data logging systems in Australia.

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DataTaker LogoDataTaker Data Logger

Datataker manufacture multi channel data loggers that are flexible and configurable, yet still easy to use.

As an Authorised DataTaker Distributor in Australia, Lontek services Sydney NSW, Wollongong NSW, Canberra ACT plus surrounding areas.

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Dent Instruments

Dent InstrumentsDent ElitePro power data logger

Dent Instruments data loggers are designed for today's energy professionals and are widely used in Australia to develop smart energy.

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ElectrocorderElectrocorder EC-6VA

Electrocorder energy loggers have been helping energy users since 1995. Their easy to use Electrosoft software has set Electrocorder apart from the competition. They continued to develop and enhance the existing products, adapting to the emerging markets of Energy Auditing and Renewable Energy.

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Graphtec Data logging Instruments

Graphtec LogoGraphtec data loggers

Graphtec is a world leader in data logging and recording instruments.

The ultra-portable GL series of data loggers offer excellent performance and superb value for all kinds of industrial applications. For low or high speed data capture the GL Series comes in models from 8 to 200 channels.

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ACR Systems

ACR SyetemsACR Smart Reader Plus data logger

ACR Systems data loggers are self-powered, pocket-sized instruments that measure and record temperature, relative humidity, electric current, pressure, process signals, pulse frequency, power quality and more.

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Signatrol Data LoggersSignatrol SL7000 data logger

The SL7000 series of data loggers have up to four universal inputs capable of connecting with almost any type of analogue sensor or signal.

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Grant Data Logging Instruments

Grant Data Loggers

Grant Data Logging

Data loggers from Grant Instruments are characterised by their ease of use, high accuracy of measurement and high quality of build, leading to high reliability of data and system longevity.

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Testo Portable Instruments

Testo LogoTesto Air Velocity meter

Testo manufacture a wide range of instruments including Thermometers, Infrared Thermometers, Data Loggers, Manometers, Air Velocity, Air Quality, Light Meters, Sound Meters, Fiberscopes to mention a few.

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Looking for a Data Logger or Data Logging System?

Lontek offers a complete range of data loggers, from single channel low cost units through to multi channel units supporting up to 800 channels, in addition we also offer wireless data logging systems for portable or fixed applications.

In conjunction with our partner company LabCraft, we can supply, install and commission your next project or simply just supply all of your data logging equipment.

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